Yesterday Leiland had a long day. In the morning we went to the pedritician's office for Leilands 9 month check up. He received his 3rd Hep B shot and did amazing. Then together we had lunch at Panera and went to the dentist where he played with all the staff. We went home and he nursed on my right side and when I sat him up to burp him he had a giant hive on the left side of his nose and a few smaller ones on the right side. FREAKED me out, had no idea what happened. So I called the dr office and they said to give him 1 teaspoon of benadryl per 20 pounds, so we ran to target to get some, but it disappeared in about 15 minutes so I didn't give it to him. There has been no change in my diet, products I use on my skin or clothes, or foods he has eaten. We went about our day, didn't happen again.

Then today we were getting ready to go buy Tim a new truck, nursed him on my left side, sat him up - he has a hive now on his right cheek. What the heck? So I did give him the benadryl and it took close to 2 hours before it went down. No idea whats causing this reaction in him.


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