Still Sick

So its been 2 1/2 weeks and Leiland is still sick. He isn't bad, and still gets happy - but he isn't at 100% either. Some days we need Motrin or infant Tylenol to make him feel better, some times he is super clingy (even in the middle of the night). So today we went to see the pediatrician and get him checked out. My worried were either an ear infection or possibly asthma (constant wheezing). So first he weighed 20 pounds 7 ounces today, not gaining very quickly anymore. The dr said his ears are clean, he still has a lot of mucus in his nose, and he said its a sinus infection. He prescribed amoxicilin for the infection and zyrtec for the congestion. So we got both today from the target pharmacy. The amoxicilin is one I am allergic to and I am worried about him possibly being allergic as well, so I am waiting until the morning to start administering it. Just in case he has a reaction, I want to be awake when it happens. The dr also said it should take about 2 days for him to be feeling better, so this will be a nice change in pace for him. Poor kid has been sick for so long I just want him to feel better. And eat food again. First he LOVED playing in the toy part of the lobby, its the first time he has been big enough to enjoy the toys Photobucket Photobucket


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