17 Month Update

Holy cow my bow is 17 months already. The past 5 months have FLOWN by. And he is just getting so big and losing all his babyness :(

He weighs in at 22 pounds even, wears a size 5 shoes, 2t or 24m shirts and mostly 18m bottoms. Some are getting small so we may be up to 24m in some brands this winter. Sleeping 12ish hours at night, and 2-2 hour naps a day typically. We are transitioning to 1 longer nap (about 3 hours) but he isn't quite ready just yet. But very close. I say by Christmas we will be down to 1.

He is still such a happy and easy going little man. FULL of snuggles: constantly gives kisses and hugs out of nowhere, and just a complete joy. He is just starting to do things to get people to laugh. Usually strangers. He is shy when he is tired or not feeling well but otherwise he will talk to anyone.

He is saying more words. More then I think I even know that he knows. He uses these pretty regularily now though - some are repeats from a previous list)
Mom (all day long)
Yes (so cute)
Dog (better annunciation)
Score (hilarious)
Lunch (doesn't sound right but I do know what he is saying when he says it)
No - all the time for no reason

He is getting a little better about sharing, if he is in a good mood. But it just depends who is around. His milk is NOT something he will let another child have though - he freaks out.

There is a ton going on with our move right now but he is taking it with stride. He doesn't even seem to notice everything is disappearing. He did enjoy the weekend outside while we loaded the POD though.

His favorite toy right now is his new shopping cart ($3 used) and a little baby doll he puts inside it. He also puts his drink in it a lot. I'll try for a picture. He likes his trike too but needs help still. With shoes on I can help him peddle and he can reach. I think by spring he will be riding it all on his own.

He is still doing great in his crib. No climbing and he barely even stands in there. When he wakes I go get him while he is tossing and fussing and sometimes he just lays and cries - waiting for me. He LVOES being greeted by the dogs. He is happiest when the dogs come in the room with me to get him. I am in no rush to put him in a toddler bed since he does so well in his crib. He does toss around a LOT at night and in naps, so I think he needs all 4 sides. He sleeps right up against the rails for comfort so I think he will fall out too easily in a toddler or twin bed. We will see though. He sleeps with his glow seahorse, a blankie, and usually 3-4 more stuffed animals. He also slept with a pillow while we were in San Diego and he seemed to like it, so after the move he will get a pillow too.

Potty training isn't started yet but I am laying some ground work for it. I have a frog potty thats been out since just after a year. He will sit on it and say pee and poo. He likes to come sit while I go potty. I have it more so he isn't scared for the most part. I now can tell when he is pooping and twice now he has told me before he pooped (within 5 minutes). I know he isn't ready yet but I can see progress to getting there. Maybe we will start around 2 years or so. Maybe 2 1/2 - depending on him.

We currently have 11 or 12 teeth. The last molar I am unsure about. We have been teething pretty hard this week so it may have come through but he is not allowing me to even look. THe other 3 are through though and I can see a good about of them now.

Leiland is still a good eater but his quantity has drastically gone down. He loves grapes, string cheese, black olives, chicken, Panera mac and cheese (no other), peanut butter, pretzels, and hot dogs.

So thats about it for 17 months.


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