IVF Update

So IVF has been going as planned. I did forget to start one medication on time, and I accidentally took one shot a day early. Hoping it doesn't make a huge difference though.

We did our transfer on Friday the 12th. We were able to put 2 embryos in again. 1 was good quality and the other ok. The 2 we didn't put in weren't growing or were slow/ behind where they should be.

I go in for bloodwork on the 19th to see if it worked.

This weekend I SHOULD be on bed rest, light activity and that isn't happening. I SHOULD be pushing it but I am not. We have to pack and move and that makes it impossible to sit around all weekend. I think its ok though.

So because Friday the embryos were 5 days (past ovulation) that puts me at 7 DPO right now. I am considering taking a test on Wednesday just to see if it shows up.

Tim and I have both made a guess and think it will work and it will be 1 boy.

We haven't really told everyone yet. My sister knows and a few friends. If it works I won't tell everyone until Christmas just for the fun of it.


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