Zoo trip

While Tim has been working in San Diego we decided to come down to San Diego and squeeze in one more zoo/ wild animal park trip.

Saturday we first went to get Leland's first haircut - SO cute. Then after that we walked around the zoo till closing. Sunday we did the wild animal park.

So I don't forget the funny things he said...

While watching an elephant walk through the dirt and kick up a bunch of dust, Leiland yelled "Hot!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!" Tim asked why and I explained how he realized steam is a sign things are hot, so he thought it was steam.

We walked up to the Rhinos who were eating right against the fence line, and Leiland says "Snack" - close but much larger.

As for all the animal names - EVERYTHING is a dog. Who knew. Kinda makes me smile.


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