Poor baby

Leiland has not liked sleeping in my bed since he was about 4-5 months old. I wish he slept better with me but its never been the case. 1 time when camping this summer but did great and just put his arms around my neck and went to sleep. Last week in San Diego there was 1 night he didn't sleep well so I brought him to bed, he fell back to sleep - so I put him back in the pack n play. He later fussed again so I brought him back to bed and he slept till 930. It was some great sleep. Then 3 nights ago he wasn't sleeping well so I brought him to bed at midnight and he slept great, just wanted to be face to face and arms around my neck. Yesterday same thing. He woke at 4:40 so in my bed he came and he slept till 7:30 and woke so happy. Last night he was up at midnight and I got him yet again (I don't mind one bit) and he really struggled to sleep but he is up there still at 7:30 passed out with TIm. I actually love it. He has never slept better with me and I love the snuggles. 

I KNOW this is because he molars are really bothering him right now. The last 3-4 days have been misery.


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