12 week update

12 weeks is finally here. 2 more weeks till the second trimester I think. At this point I haven't gained any weight (what I did gain is now gone). I am noticing some belly changes though. I haven't finished all my laundry from camping, so my shorts are still dirty, so this week I have been wearing maternity pants. I plan to try on all my maternity clothes tomorrow to see where I stand. I think I need a couple shirts but should be good on bottoms.

Not a whole lot going on right now.  Time to get the house in order now that Leiland feels better. I hope I will start feeling a little boost here soon. Still getting a little tired, struggling to fall asleep, and still get nauseous. I can't wait to feel this baby moving. Every ultrasound is showing a very active little one, and I just can't wait to feel little baby bug.

Still not feelings if its a boy or a girl, but I am dying to know. I hate calling it an it, and at the scan today I kept calling it a he. I just want to know. Everyone keeps saying its a girl, but I just don't know, you know?

I've really been enjoying my delicious lemonade lately. Saltine crackers really help the nausea. Pizza can still make me nauseous at the sight. Meat is not appealing what so ever. And yesterday I had tomato soup - PERFECT. It was seriously the best meal I have had in awhile.


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