MY Pro's and Cons to baby-wearing

So, Leiland is now 2 years and 4 1/2 months old. I still wear him on occasion and I do love it.

My only carrier with him as a newborn was a moby style wrap. Its a stretchy wrap. It never bothered me having to wrap it, pretty easy. I liked that I could wear it to a store and just load him in when needed. I didn't like wrapping it in a parking lot because I could never keep the material off the floor. The downside to that style wrap for me was Leiland would sweat like crazy in it. He was a hot body as am I and I wanted to use it more then I actually could. I also had a lot of issues with my chunky boy sinking. I could start with him up high when I started a trip in Joanns and by the end he was down a good 18-20 inches lower. So that was disappointing to me. I did also like the option to face him out in that carrier and be able to build him a seat so the pressure wasn't on his hips. Thats the big reason most new carriers don't forward face, it is terrible for their hips.

The other carrier I love is my ergo. They are pricey but worth every penny. I have been using it since he was about 4 months. I never bought the infant insert for it and his couldn't open his hips well so I would wear him on my hips. That works for me. As he got bigger he did continue to love it. I liked that it didn't bother my back. I can also wear him on my back and I'd say since 18 months thats the only way I wear him anymore.

Ok so my cons to baby wearing.
 - As he got bigger wearing him on my front became hard because his head was in my face making it hard for me to see. I photograph a lot and it definitely interfered a lot.
 - I still get scared putting him on my back. Its not comfortable to me putting him back there, I always worry I might drop him.
 - I can not carry a diaper bag. Or a purse. The shoulder straps always interfere with me carrying our stuff. Its frustrating. If I wear him in somewhere like target I can just throw it in the cart, but if I go somewhere like the mall, I have no way to really carry my stuff. I think this is my biggest con. AndI found with Leiland I mostly wore him outside the house. I have a feeling the next baby will get more baby wearing in the house. Since well we have a toddler to entertain and take care of.

PROS of baby wearing
 - I love carrying my baby around. I never liked putting Leiland down and sometimes I just needed more close time.
 - Great for a fussy baby
 - GREAT for reflux baby. Leiland puked so much and always preferred upright. So wearing him kept him in the upright position. That was great for us.
 - Hands free - very nice when you have a sick baby who won't let you put them down. I loved that if he was sick and I just HAD to do something, I could still have him with me.
 - Easy bonding for mom or dad. In the beginning its what they know to just go with you everywhere and constantly be moving.

For me I will keep baby wearing. I think this next time around I will also add a nice ring sling in the mix. I have a mesh one for showers and swimming, but I will get a real one this time around. I love carrying my baby and still do it while pregnant. Leiland also loves it still. I can tell when we get to a store if he will be good in the cart. If he throws a fit going in then I ask if he wants to go on my back. Usually its a yes. He doesn't like my front anymore because he likes to be up higher to lay his head on my shoulder. And he can't do that with the ergo. No biggie though.


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