11 week update

WOW can't believe its only one more week till my NT scan. I was feeling fine till Tim told me he was nervous. So now I am anxiously awaiting my scan in a week just to see. Two more weeks till we are into the 2nd trimester. Even though I know this isn't "safe" just because you make it to 13 weeks, well its closer. My first loss at 16 weeks was really hard, and in 3 days it will be 9 years. As far as symptoms this week- week and a half - LOTS of nausea and sore boobs. I am not as tired right now, but I am trying to make my self go to bed when I am tired. I lost a little weight I am sure its because of the nausea. I am just back to my starting point of 180. Nothing to worry about. My body can handle to lose a little. I think next week I will start taking belly pics. I am getting bigger but not noticeably. But pants don't fit the same so I am getting bigger. I have tried my home doppler twice now and still no HB to hear on my end. I have an OB appt Monday so I am hoping they can hear it.


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