14 week update

I feel great. Nausea still hits but much less often. Not eating causes headaches really bad. I swear when Leiland was a newborn I never forgot to eat but man now with him as a toddler I constantly miss meals. I am still struggling because food just isn't appealing either. I crave salads but that's about it. At least consistently. Some days I crave KFC and others I crave fruit. Who knows.

I didn't weigh myself today but I will tomorrow. I haven't tried my non maternity shorts back on since Yosemite. It's finally beginning to cool off so I will likely move right to maternity  jeans. I've been wearing a few maternity shirts because mine all creep up exposing my belly. Blah. 

I still pee like crazy. Some women tell me it got better for them around 16 weeks. I sure hope so. I've been able to sleep a little better and had some more energy. In sure it's a combination of second trimester and better sleep. Don't care though I will take it. 

My uterus is growing. Always amazes me. I read today that baby is the size of a rubrics  cube. Crazy to me. It's like 3.5"? Somewhere around there. Seems so small and yet so big already. I can feel my uterus really well now. I can't wait to feel baby kick. I know it's an active one so we will see. 

Everyone still keeps guessing its a girl. Everyone. But I'm surprised I don't have that feeling. I away between having no clue and thinking boy. We shall see. 

14 weeks and I feel great. Love being pregnant. Can't wait to see this one in the next ultrasound. 


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