Potty training

2 years 8 months old (32 months)

Potty training is in full effect. We took a trip January 1st-14th and right before Leiland started wanting to be naked more. So in the morning instead if changing his diaper I let him be naked. Day 1 he held all his pee till nap time so he needed a diaper on. Day 2 we got naked sooner and he peed on the potty before nap. I didn't push it anymore after that. I can't remember if we had a third day he went naked but I think we had another day and he peed again before nap. 

We just got back from our trip and I intended to wait till Tim was back to work, but Leiland keeps asking to be naked so I let him. The little frog potty is in the living room so he can go as he pleases. One day I offered for him to pee and he tried but didn't go so went to play more. Then I saw a funny look from him and told him to go try to per on the potty. He tried and went. Yay. Another day he sat to try and didn't go so back to playing. Then he went over by himself and peed on the potty again. He's definitely starting to get it. 

So today I didn't push it but got him naked after he'd been up a bit. He eventually went pee on the potty after numerous times of me asking him to try. Yay he went. So then he took a nap bi told him not to per in his diaper when he woke and he said ok. So when he woke I could feel he was dry so I told him again not to pee in the diaper. We came downstairs and I took his pants and diaper off. He was really mad about it because he was still cranky. So we played and I asked over and over if he had to go. He was crossing his legs and did a little dance at one point. I tried sitting him on the potty because he's been almost an hour and he just cried and taught me. So I sat down and said I'd play with him again after he tried to go pee. So maybe 5 minutes later he jumped up because he'd started to pee on the floor. He stopped peeing and he ran over to go on the potty. That is progress from the last time we tried. Last time I caught him 3 times peeing on the floor and ran him to the potty and he wouldn't pee. So this is better. 

This is the first day he has done any naked time after nap. He usually wakes wet in the morning as well as after nap. So we are trying. He can hold it for a couple hours. Yesterday when I tried right after nap the diaper was warm from him just peeing. So today we caught it early. 

Because he seems to be getting it I let him choose from his underwear what he wanted to wear. He was reluctant till daddy got excited about a pair. So he chose woody and buzz. We will see if he pees in it. I know that's part of it so I expect some accidents. 

Because it's winter I'm finding it really hard to let him be naked all day. It's far too cold for that. He doesn't complain but freezes. So hopefully we are making good progress with not doing all day long. He's also been extra cranky so not sure what his deal is but he's not his usual self right now. 

But that's our potty training progress so far. I'm so proud of him. It's later then I wanted but he finally seems to be getting it. 


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