28 week update

Oops a few hours behind. 

We're out of town and on Georgia time. I can't sleep. 

Anyway not much happening this week. I still feel like I pee every 20 minutes but this week I'm back to being constipated. I bought some dried prunes to give a shot and see if they help move things along. I've been really uncomfortable for awhile now. Only two other times had it gotten this bad. In September when we went to San Diego and October when we went to Minnesota. Both began before the trips. 

Baby is still kicking good bi thought he may have shifted to be breech but then he went back to transverse. Now he seems to float between the two. I really struggle to know what position. He seems not so active lately and just a few kicks here and there. So we will see I suppose. 

I haven't heard from the dr office regarding my 3 he glucose test yet. It's ok though not sure I want to know while on vacation. I do t know if they'd just tell me if I passed or failed or if it was a fail if they would go in detail about how to make changes. Ugh I just hope I passed. 

Some days I feel like I'm getting huge all of a sudden and others I feel a good bit smaller then I was with leiland. I need to take a new picture soon. I'm so behind. Heartburn has been crazy bad though. Especially when he is sitting more vertically and up towards my ribs. 

While here we've been playing the name game. Some additions to our list are 


We shall see. I just don't know. 

So that's about it right now. Not much. 


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