31 week update

31 weeks today - I can't believe its roughly 10 weeks till we meet this baby (had Leiland at 41 weeks). I used to think I would go early but honestly I don't think that anymore. I am still sleeping ok, and on my stomach. The baby is kicking like crazy and moves so much. I have NO CLUE what sort of position he is in this week though. I feel pretty huge though, and small red dots are beginning to show signs of a few new stretch marks. No biggie though. I didn't weigh myself today but last week I was at 191.4 so not a big gain while we were out of town. NO FOOD sounds any good these days and thats seriously frustrating.

Last week at my app all went well. BP was slightly higher then usual but its still normal. He measured the fundal height for the first time and said I was measuring good. He's not worried about baby's position and won't be till 37 weeks. But he said if he stays breech they won't schedule a c-section because they will give him a chance to turn up till I am in labor.

If average size he is about 18 inches and right around 3 pounds.

Thats so crazy to me. He certainly feels that big. I struggle to breath a lot when I am laying down depending how he is positioned and I can feel all his little kicks and movements. I love feeling a foot glide across my stomach. He also seems to jump in there because he is a NUT. I notice he still easily settles when we are busy a lot but as soon as I am sitting he goes crazy. I must say I absolutely love it and can feel him getting even more active the past few days.

I have had crazy heartburn. I take zantac almost every day now. Sometimes I need it twice and that doesn't always help. I try to eat frequently but its so hard because nothing is ever appealing.

My back seems to be bothering me less the past couple weeks which is really nice. I still plan to see a chiropractor and get a massage but I haven't scheduled it because it hasn't been killer bad and we were out of town.

So thats this weeks update. Down to counting down thats for sure. I can't believe how soon he will be here. I can't wait to meet this little man.


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