No progress

Today I had another NST. All looked good. Baby moved nicely and I even had a contraction. Babys HB spiked, then dropped, and steadied back out. It wasn't a strong contraction either. But dr was happy with it. My OB checked me, and no progress. Its so frustrating. He stripped my membranes Thursday and I had a lot of contractions that night, some Friday night but they stopped before I went to bed, all Saturday night and woke up several times to them, then all morning through early afternoon Sunday. Seriously I had a LOT of contractions and absolutely no progress.

I feel like my body is failing me yet again. Yes I can wait it out longer but why? My body fails me with getting pregnant. My body fails me to stay pregnant. I struggle so hard to have these babies, and now my body is failing to go into labor like it should. I know due dates are just an estimate, but still - no progress has me pretty bummed out right now.

The OB I like only does inductions on Wednesdays. He said he would induce me this week if I wanted, or next week. If I decide I want to go ahead this week, then he said just to call and set it up. I could hold my baby in just 2 days. Otherwise I will be holding my little man in 9 days. Either way he is close.


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