6 Weeks

YAY for today being 6 weeks. Overall I have been feeling good, more nausea as the days go on. Nothing crazy though. Last night was my first crazy craving. What is it about being hopped up on pregnancy hormones that makes resisting an urge so intensely impossible? Either way baby and I enjoyed some bacon. Delicious.

I haven't gained any weight yet, but I have noticed that sometimes it hurts when I am sitting from the pressure of my shorts. Not horrible but last night I did unbutton for comfort.

My progesterone shots are coming along, but they are getting harder and harder. I am so numb in my rear and full on knots. Not many places left for new shots. The hardest part is breaking the skin with the needle since I can't pinch the skin when sticking it in. But they are getting done, every night. I haven't been as good about taking my vitamins the past week or so though. I need to get better at it. I feel guilty every time I miss one.

I've been noticing that my uterus is becoming more hard/ larger and I am starting to be able to feel it more.

So nothing too much happening over here. Nausea and can't eat eggs. Milk is still bothering my belly and thats no fun. I want my ability to eat dairy back again. And I have needed my glasses more often.


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