Morning Sickness

Today was a day where morning sickness didn't start my day but it lasted all day long. I woke fine and on the drive to a breastfeeding big latch on (I was photographing) I ate some rice cakes. I was only slightly nauseous till I had to get out of the car. Then as the day progressed it just got worse and worse. After that event we went to a birthday party. It was outside and Leiland had a blast. I kept drinking water and when pizza arrived just the sight made me gag. The weird part was I ate 3 pieces and was fine. Sitting outside in the heat I was just barely making it through being nauseous. Once we got in the car I was worried to drive home. I just felt it in my through. After we got home, Leiland took a nap, and I laid down too. I slept about an hour and a half and woke still nauseous but now with a headache. Nothing sounds good for dinner so I made Leiland scrambled eggs and a frozen gogurt for dinner. We took a walk and I was ok then, but now back at home I feel nauseous again.

Oh the joys.

But I will take it. I actually feel pregnant today, and I am cool with that.


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