8.5 week update

Ill be gone for my week 9 update so thought I'd do this time instead. 

8 weeks!!! Hold cow. I know the next few will be slow and still worried but in so excited for it all. I have my monthly calendar up and it shows the second trimester. That's encouraging just to see it written there right within reach. 

Overall feeling good. Very tired and nausea is almost nonexistent this week. My boobs are really sore and getting heavy. I can't believe how full they have become. I had to run out from a party last weekend for Imodium to help my belly. It thankfully helped and I haven't been having an issue since then. Which is awesome. 

We leave in a couple days to camp for a week. I'm worried ill be so tired from hiking and sleeping in a tent. I hope Leiland does well sleeping. I hope hiking isn't too much for my body. I'm willing to take it slow though knowing not to push too hard. 

I can feel my uterus growing. And all my clothes are becoming too small. It's ok though all for a good cause. 

This week in leaning toward finding out the gender. I'm not sure I can wait. 

So yeah not a huge update. Not much to say. 


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