7 week update

7 weeks today - and feeling good overall.

I am tired, a lot. So much more then with the last pregnancy and we were driving cross country then. Leiland doesn't let me sleep in, but he lets me rest in the morning. If I don't have enough sleep I notice my nausea is terrible. The couple times I have had good sleep then I have no nausea till bedtime (when I'm tired). Last night I couldn't sleep, so Leiland cried and I brought him to bed to snuggle. Having him there makes it so much easier for me to sleep. I don't usually have this much trouble sleeping when Tim is gone. But I think the combination of being pregnant tired and not sleeping is whats hard.

Tomorrow is my ultrasound and I can't wait to see this little doodlebug. Praying so hard we see a heart beat and a growing little baby.

Tim and I can't make up our minds if we want to find out the gender, so in a few weeks we will flip a coin and find out based on that. Heads we wait and tails we find out. A part of me still really wants to surprise him. But I also  don't know that I want to find out without him. So I will keep pondering and decide closer to. I have some time still.

Not a whole lot going on this week. My clothes still fit but my boobs are definitely getting bigger and more sore. Oh and my underwear is all getting too small. Seriously? Of all things to grow first, my butt? Guess I will be getting some more unders to get through this pregnancy. Its a bummer, I already have SO MANY pairs in my drawers.


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