Long day

No nap days are really long days. Its wasn't as bad as it could've been, but it was a rough day. First we went swimming at a friends moms, then I hoped he would fall asleep driving so he could nap at her house. He did fall asleep but it was an unsucessful transfer to a bed. What a bummer. We had to elave by 3:30 because he was just too cranky. He didn't fall asleep right away in the car and only slept at most 20 minutes on the way home. And woke as soon as I unbuckled him.

So we had some dinner at which he chose to only eat the chicken, and later had some ice cream. No biggie. But he was cranky. I even let him play in the bath for some downtime. Its now 7:30 and he is in bed hopefully to be down for the night. He fought it a little more then usual. But he is over tired as well as it being a little earlier then his usual bed time. No biggie though, he hasn't gotten out of bed yet.

I have a lot to do, just wish I had the energy to do it.


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