22 week update

Weight - 184

Feeling pretty good. Getting over a cold I've had for over a week now. I am sick of coughing fits and blowing my nose. I am best to be sitting on the toilet when either happens because well - I tend to pee a little. It's getting worse and worse as the cold goes on. Embarrassing yes but still true. Because I have been sick I haven't had a big appetite other than soup and popsicles. Also eating lots of hard candies for my throat and cough.

Baby has been moving a whole lot more and stronger lately. He also has the hiccups every so often which I don't recall ever feeling with Leiland. My belly is definitely growing, belly button becoming more shallow, and I am getting a few red spots leading to new stretch marks. I don't mind though, I have plenty already so why not add some more.

I have been sleeping ok this week and been exhausted from all I have left to get done. Tim gets home in 2 weeks and I have so much left to do.

I have listened to the HB a few times lately, and Leiland loves it so much he now brings me the doppler to listen to brother. Its the cutest thing ever. He has a new boy baby doll as well which he loves so much. He also likes to hug and kiss my belly/ his brother. Its really cute. If I am rubbing my belly he comes over and rubs too.

Its really starting to cool off here finally and I broke down and turned the heat on downstairs today. I find I don't really like my maternity clothes a whole lot lately, so I am living in my black comfy pants, sweats, or jammies. Not sure what I will do for a winter coat this winter either.

It's crazy to me that I am 22 weeks. I feel like I have forever to go but at the same time I can't believe I am already this far already. The baby is about the size of a papaya (10.9" from head to heel).

Cravings lately have been limited to chicken noodle soup, salty foods, carrots and ranch, and fruit smoothies. Today I made some pretty awesome sweet potatoes that were incredible so I just might need to make some more. Potatoes and fruit as the most consistent cravings I have had this pregnancy. Sweets are not hitting the spot either. Leiland still craves pizza - its a food group to that kid.


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