2 1/2 Year Update for Leiland

Holy cow, he is already 2 1/2? Before I know it he will be 3.
27.8 pounds, 35 1/2 inches. Wearing 2T (not 24m - too small) and a lot of 3T shirts and some 3T pants (carters knit)

Right this minute, he is teething like crazy. The first two year molar (top left)has broke skin on one side and is almost through on the other. The bottom two are showing progress and I can feel the outside edge pushing close. But basically he is miserable 85% of the time.

He is napping great but nighttime has been a little rough. He wakes once every night and has since July when Tim deployed. Right now I am not fighting it, but shortly after Tim is home, I will do my best to get him staying in bed at night. He needs the uninterrupted sleep as much as I do. As far as going to bed though he is doing pretty good. At naps if he doesn't feel ready to sleep he is allowed to have his friends that are in his bed and then a couple books to read. He stays in bed reading till he is ready to sleep.

He won't let me read him many books these days. Once I start he wants to take it away and read himself. So I don't push it too much. He does like the little critter books but will not sit through more then a few pages of anything Dr Seuss.

I won't make a list of all his words like I once did, I could spend days and still miss words. He talks like crazy. New phrases though are things like
"Follow that train!"
"Oops, I forgot"
"I want my mommy"
"Don't leave me mommy"

He will repeat most things you tell him to say, is really good with his Please, Thank You, You're Welcome, and is beginning to be better using Excuse me, and Bless you. He says sorry but still needs help knowing when its needed. When he gets in trouble for doing something he knows he needs to say "Sorry for ____" but if he accidentally bonks me in the head, he doesn't always know he needs to apologize. Overall he is a very sweet and loving little boy, but he is also getting his own little mind. He tests limits, is too rough with the animals still, and doesn't usually like using listening ears. But he is 2, we are working on it.

Sharing is hard, but he seriously loves being with friends. He gets so bored with just me.

He knows all his colors, or at least he did but now always says yellow is purple. He can identify all his ABC's but lately has no interest in playing that game anymore. It's very much on his terms, but I am pretty sure he is starting to forget them now because he won't do it. He wasn't great with numbers so I got a great game on the iPad and he learned to identify I believe 1-10 but again he won't play it anymore and is starting to forget them.

Leiland is terrible with names. We spent 2 weeks in Minnesota with Connie and her kids. He really struggled to remember their names. Sam he did alright with but Cassie was "her" and Connie was "Her mom". By about a week or so in he started using them more. I am terrible with names so I see where he gets it from.

Leiland just got to go trick or treating for the first time. He was unsure about it at first when we went to the mall, but by the time we were out that night he was a pro. He would only yell trick or treat if the door was closed. He wouldn't talk to people once they opened the door or if already outside. He's not usually shy but its becoming more and more as he gets a little older.

Some of Leilands favorite toys right now are still his train table, the slide and ball pit, cars, and his Mickey Mouse and Toy Story figures. He loves Jesse. He loves the Toy Story movies as well. Morning shows he is pretty open to watch most things but like Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, 3rd and Bird, and Bubble Guppies. He still watches Fresh Beat band but not very often.

Potty training these days is pretty nonexistent. I am trying not to push it but I really wanted him in underwear by now. But I fell like he will be in diapers till he is 6. He could care less and with the recent travels and now teething, it's just not the right time. I wanted to start really trying this week but teething is making that a bad idea. So still in diapers at this point. And thats fine.

I love my buddy, he snuggles me so much through the day, gives unprompted I love you mommy's and hugs. He makes my day and just make life so much better.

Daily Schedule as of lately (several months now)

7:30 (6-8:80)           wake up
8-8:30                      Breakfast and watch 1-2 shows
11:00-11:45             eat lunch
12-1                         Nap for 2-3 hours
5:30                         Dinner
7:45-8:15                Bedtime
12:00am - 2am       Wake and come to moms bed


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