23 week Update

Thanksgiving day and I am 23 weeks pregnant. That I am incredibly thankful for. I am also very thankful for feeling more and more kicks. I love every minute of it. We are finally over being sick for the most part. A lingering cough but otherwise feeling better. I've been cleaning like crazy getting ready for Tim getting home next week.

My belly doesn't seem any bigger but I notice I am gaining some weight. I still can't fall asleep at night which means I am exhausted when we finally wake up. I sleep on my stomach most times still which is the most comfortable position.

Really nothing has been going on this wise pregnancy related. I have my anatomy scan in just 11 more days. Can't wait to see this little guy again and how big he has gotten.

Baby is the size of a mango, just over 11 inches, and right about a pound in weight.


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