20 week update

Yay technically half way there. As long as I don't go overdue like I did with Leiland. 

I'm excited to say I'm pretty sure I felt the baby move last night and today. It's hard to tell and not very often but I'm pretty certain it's him. Can't wait to really feel him good. 

Belly is growing. I am terrible at taking pictures this pregnancy. My stretch marks are just about flush with my skin and stretched out. My belly button is getting more shallow by the day it seems. I'm certain my belly button will stick out much sooner this time. I'm curious if ill get a lot more stretch marks this time. I honestly don't care if I do. 

I feel pretty good. Sleep on my belly still. Pee less often then those early 16ish weeks. Can eat. I have begun getting heartburn though. I guess if its not one thing it's another. 

I wish I could sleep in. I have had a better time falling asleep and that's been much needed. Leiland teething though is kicking my butt. And he wakes at least once a night right now. 

I don't really crave any one item yet. I will crave a food but almost always when I get it it just doesn't hit the spot. Like Applebee's chips and salsa. Or my BBQ chicken salad I got yesterday. I don't know food just lost its appeal. I did eat a fantastic grape popsicle today. That hit the spot. I need to freeze some oj and eat that. It's always a favorite. 

Not too much happening here though. Acne is getting worse, constipation slightly better, still able to sleep and trying to cherish it. 

I feel like ice been nesting a lot lately. More so than I even did with Leilands pregnancy. And way earlier then I k we was possible. Problem is I just don't have the energy to keep it all up. I already get tired so quick. I've been working on Leiland coming down the stairs on his own. He wants me to carry him especially when he's just woke up. I get it but its also pretty hard for me. As is going up holding him. He's almost 28 pounds now. 

Tim will be home soon and I'm so excited about it. Can't wait to have him within reach again. Less than a month. 


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