21 week update

21 weeks today. I was a little nervous coming into this week just because 21 weeks was when Ruth was born. I still don't feel him move a lot and still worry about him here and there. It will pass but for now we move forward.

 Weight - 183.6 - up 3.6 pounds this pregnancy.

 I feel good. I have still been getting heartburn and nausea that make it nearly impossible to eat. I've taken tums a few times and sometimes the help others not at all. I try to eat but food just never sounds good. I don't want to cook because I end up throwing so much away because I just can't eat it. Even a lot of cereals don't sound good. Apples are pretty good to me though, they always hit the spot. And salty chips.

 I am to the point that I get winded easily already. Going up the stairs or talking while doing too much. Its too early for this, I have a LONG way to go still. I don't feel like my stomach is getting big. I just feel fat most days. Compared to Leilands pregnancy I don't think I am any bigger than I was with him. If anything I am smaller.

 I have started nesting. All I want is the house to be clean and organized. I wish I had the energy to match the desire. Leiland is moving to the spare room and I am almost done getting his stuff moved over. The baby has his NB and 3m clothes hanging in what will become his room.

 According to the app on my phone the baby is the size of a carrot. About 10.5" from head to heel. That seems so big.

 I really don't have anything to report this week. Not much happening.


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