Beta Results and talked to Dr

Ok so I got my beta results, she said they were good, but she said they doubled, but in m book they did more then that, but again, I don't really understand beta #'s.

12 DPO - 29
15 DPO - 114

You tell me, I have no clue, but she said it was good so thats all that matters.

I have an appointment for the 5th of January, which sucks, I didn't want to have to wait that long, but I guess I have to (insert grumpy face here). So we will get to see the bean at about 6 1/2 weeks, hopefully we will know forsure if there is one or two in there.

My other questions were asking if its ok to resume sex, he said yes, Tim is very happy about this news.

I asked about the extra streength tylonol, he said that was fine, even at the full dose.

Also, I have MTHFR but I don't know which mutation, so he is putting me on Folguard to suppliment the folic acid, because my body can't process and absorb it like normal. SO this makes me happy because I really need this bean to be healthy. And I am to resume my progesterone in oil shots in the butt, YEAH.

So now we just wait.


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