Dr called about my eggs

And it wasn't what we hoped for.

So at the retrieval they got 21 eggs. The dr was certain that we would be freezing a lot. Well we chose to pay for ICSI just because it wasn't much on top of what we were already paying. So they were able to do ICSI on 19 of the eggs. And today when they reviewed them (or whatever) they determined that only 6 eggs fertilized.

I don't know how great 6 eggs is, but its so disappointing after having SO many eggs. Anyway, maybe this brings some light as to why we aren't pregnant yet.

But I am glad we did the ICSI.

So the transfer will be Wednesday morning. I am a little down right now, but hopeful.

Its baffling to me, but I am so glad we had so many eggs and paid for the ICSI, otherwise who knows what the results would have been


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