Gosh Dangit

Ok, I am going to join the group freaking out, I started bleeding tonight. I am praying I can get in to be sen tomorrow because I can't handle the stress. I am cramping but I am contributing it to the constipation. The blood is brown in color and doesn't seem to be "flowing" so I know that is good. But it wasn't just a tiny bit either. So I put on a panty liner to see how much I am actually losing just to know. At this moment I am really upset because I am not ready for this to end, its just not fair. We wait way to long to get here and spent $20,000 to get pregnant I just want this baby to be healthy.

Update: I have an appointment today at 2pm, but at the closer office, so I will likely be home by about 3:30 today hopefully with good news. And the spotting has gone down and the cramps are no longer. I am praying this is a good sign. I think this could have been because we had sex the night before, who knows though.

Update after appt:
So I had an ultrasound and bloodwork. I won't get the results till tomorrow afternoon probably. But there was a sac and only one baby. So we know that much. We will know things are ok tomorrow after we get the levels back from the blood. So yeah thats all we know so far.

Update: So the dr office called me back. My hcg is at 1000, not exactly as high as I had hoped. My progesterone was at 15.58 so they are upping my nightly injections to 1.5cc (50% increase). I am now even more worried and praying this bean has a heartbeat come Friday next week.


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