Beta Results

This morning I went into the lab to get m blod taken for a beta. I still wasn't feeling like I was pregnant, but it turns out, I AM! I asked when my dr would get the results and the lady told me it wouldn't be until about 4pm. So when 4L45 rolled around I called the dr's office because I wanted to know before they closed for the day. While I was out I also had bought a HPT. Well Tim got home and I was waiting for a call back from the nurse, and he told me to just go pee on a stick. I honestly thought it was way too early to test espically on a home one. Well before I was done peeing I could see a second line. But I didn't let on, then I sat at the computer, and the phone rang. I answered and at this point I already saw the HPT, but waited for her confirmation. Good news, everything worked. So we are pregnant. And my beta was a 29. Not sure how good it is, but everyones reactions are pretty good towards it. I am SO pleased, but it hasn't really sunk in yet.

EDD August 28, 2010 - works for me.

Days Pregnant:3 weeks 6 days
Days left: 253
Pregnancy symptoms: So far the only symptom I have, gas, and sometimes I am a little extra tired, no issues with that.


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