Retrevial of Eggs

This morning was my retrevial. I think it went ok too. When they gave me the IV they blew a vein, but were able to get it in the arm with a smaller needle. Tim was so great but struggled with them poking at me. I woke up a lot easier then I ever had under anastesia before so that was nice, but I was really nauseated and very crampy. I didn't really know what to expect, but I feel like I just have terrible period cramps. Good news, they were able to retreive 21 eggs. I was very excited about that number. We paid the extra for them to do ICSI, so tomorrow we will get the call to see how many fertilized. I am not sure what a normal number is, but I am excited.

Now when we talked before he said he would put in 3 eggs, and today when we were talking he said he hopes to put in 2 on day 3. I was a little shocked, because we had mentally prepared for 3. I am scared that if we only do two, and it doesn't work, there will be the what if factor. Either way, we will talk to him about it more when we have a number in sight.

Tim is stressing because he may not make it for the transfer because he has no one to cover him at work, and he would have to take off 5 hours in the day to get there and back. I really hope he is able to make it, but its not the end of the world.

I started my progesterone shots today, it didn't hurt till about 5 minutes after it was in. I had Tim massage it around as I read you should do, but its still a bit tight. And I itch at the injection site.

Anyway thats my update.


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