Still hurting

So I had the retrieval on Sunday, ever since I have had this feeling of constipation and almost like I pulled a bad muscle in my abs area. Now I have IBS and going potty is never an issue, and that part is still pretty normal, other then it hurts in my abs when I actually go to the bathroom. My ovaries were empties yet I am still peeing all the time.

Now I also noticed that my uterus is still hard as a rock right now. I only get this RIGHT before a period, and I remember it when I was pregnant. Either way. I started my progesterone injetions on Sunday night, along with starting medrol today. But I am just curious if this has anything to do with the progesterone, or what might be happening. I didn't think I would still be hurting this long after the retrieval. And tomorrow I go in for the transfer.


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