Egg Retrieval

Today was the big day. My estrogen results were good yesterday at 3709 and so that means we are good to transfer this cycle. We had our retrieval scheduled for 11am today but they were running a little late and many people we frazzled. No worries though. The anesthesiologist did my IV and put some numbing stuff in my vein first, so that went great. I was able to walk in and was out of it pretty quick. Then I woke up right as they were about to transfer me from the surgery bed to the one that takes me into the recovery area. The dr said the procedure only takes about 15 minutes so that was good. I was finally up and aware and Tim came in and said 18. I wasn't that aware yet and didn't know what he was talking about. 18 egg, thats how many they received.

While I was still coming to, Tim and Dr Q talked for a minute. Dr Q told him we have to do a day 3 transfer because he wants me to have downtime before we fly to Georgia, so the embies will be going back in on Saturday at 9am. They also discussed how many we want to put back in. I was set on 3, but the Dr wants me to do 2. I know it makes more sense and I am ok with that, but I am scared of the what if's.
What if we get another case like Ruth, and thats the only baby in there?
What if it just doesn't work?

So I really still want to put 3 in, but Tim and Dr Q are worried if all 3 take. So I need to really think about it right now, but I am still leaning towards 3.

So that is that. Dr Q will call tomorrow with the fertilization report and let us know how they look. They way he came off to Tim was that he expects a much better result. He thinks they are better quality eggs this time and that we will have more to choose from.


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