I feel like I am pregnant

I know its too early.....

But, These hormones are killing me. I sweat the last two time we did injections and progesterone (including an IUI and IVF) I never had these issues. My very first pregnancy I was an emotional wreck. I got mad over everything.

I am that way again, and I am DREADING it. The only difference this time from the last cycles, I am taking estrogen this time. Does Estrogen make you moody???

Also, I wake up every night in the middle of the night to pee, I didn't even do this 5 months pregnant. I mean I had to pee as soon as I woke, but now I have to be at 3am every morning.

I am eating like crazy. I swear I can't make it more then 3 hours without feeling like I am STARVING! Again, never even felt like this pregnant, but I can't stop eating.

Its all just driving me SO nuts.

On a good note, I finished the medication that gives me crazy heartburn and nausea.

6dpo and 6 days till I test


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