I told my mom

This cycle I decided NOT to tell my mom we were doing IVF. I really wanted the oppertunity to be able to tell her we were pregnant with a little surprise to it. So today I made a shirt that says mommy to be with a little birdie on it. Its a long white tank, and its stretchy so I can wear it for awhile. So I had her set up the video chat to talk, and so I could surprise her. There was a problem with the speakers though, she couldn't hear me.

I typed below the video to read my shirt, and so said she could only read mommy, So I was moving and twisting so she could read the whole thing. CLUELESS as she was, she read it. Then was like, what? And then it clicked and she screamed and cried. It was PRICELESS. I am so happy I waited to surprise her.

I think this time we aren't going to keep it a secret for very long. I called my dad and will tell him when he calls me back later.

AGH I am so excited.


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