What a sting

My shots have begun. I took the first on on Friday and was surprised at how nervous I was. Earlier in the day I had my ultrasound appointment to make sure everything looked good. There was a resident dr there and she started the u/s and found my right ovary. My left was much harder to see, but Dr. Q found it and said everything looks good to start. So I took my shot, then again on Saturday. Last nights shot was much more painful and that took me by surprise. I have never had an issue with my belly shots, but this particular one stung pretty bad. So tonight we do it again, no biggie. I have another u/s tomorrow to see how they are growing. Dr Q thinks we can get a large number again like we did last time. I am so excited still. And it feels like its all moving so slow, but the reality is as soon as the month is over it will be so quick. The day to day however feels so slow in passing time. I think our little family visiting vacation will be the perfect thing to keep me going in the dreaded 2-week-wait.


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