Retrieval date set

Wednesday is the day. I am trying my hardest to stay up late to take m HCG shot tonight at midnight. We go in on Wednesday morning for the egg retrieval. They took my blood today to check my Estrogen. Anything over 5000 and they will retrieve the eggs but freeze them and hold off a couple months before transferring them. This is because of OHSS and the Dr seemed very worried today about it. I still have 22 eggs so no new growths since Friday, but they are pretty big he said. I looked and last time my estrogen was 3923. So in the morning I will call and hopefully get the new number.

I am really excited and nervous all at once. I can't believe how fast this is going, but its a good thing, I am not complaining.

I am really mad at myself tonight. A little back story. When I wasin on Friday the Dr was trying to decide how much medicine to distribute to make everything work. Well I was limited on meds and so he was trying to make it all fit. Anyway, the nurse wrote it all down as he changed it at least 4 times. But the computer wasn't working so they were supposed to email me my new calendar later. I missed the email at 3:30ish and didn't see it till about 7pm. The problem was, the calendar did not reflect what we discussed and I didn't have enough meds to meet what was on there. So I called in but they were closed. I was sent to an answering service where they connected me with Dr Q. He advised me to go ahead with what we discussed. So I did, and I just didn't look back at the new calendar that was wrong. Problem. I was supposed to take 1/2 a dose of the Ganerillex in my arm last night, and I didn't. That is what keeps me from ovulating too early. I am a little worried now. I have a ton of cramping but there is nothing I can do at this point. I am just praying for the best right now. I tried to reply to the email, but no one responded because it was the end of the day.

So, in just 37 hours I will be in surgery to take my eggs out. I am praying so hard things work well, we have numerous embryos to choose from, we get pregnant with a healthy baby or two, and that infertility can become a thing from our past.

Oh, and when I was there today, I mentioned to Dr Q that although we only did 2 embies last time, I wanted to put more in this time. He laughed and said he wouldn't put 8 in. It made me laugh so hard. I don' want 8, hell no. I told him I just wanted 3-4 and he said ok. It was just so funny.


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