Todays Transfer (pre transfer)

Since I am awake so flipping early today, I figure I will post about the "pre-transfer" stuff.

First, WHEN this works, we will be due accordingly.

Singleton Due Date: May 04, 2011
Twins By Ave Gestation: April 12, 2011
Triplets By Ave Gestation: March 16, 2011
Quads By Ave Gestation: March 08, 2011

How freaking exciting is that. May 4th. Just before our 6th wedding Anniversary, just in time for mothers day and fathers day. And he/ she will be old enough to enjoy Christmas some. By the next summer, that will be fun to see as well.

I am so ready. Yesterday it hit me and I decided I didn't want to put in 3 embryos that I was more settled on just two. I really want to try for a single baby. I want to enjoy my pregnancy, and my newborn. I want to get the hang of nursing and try out cloth diapering. All this is easier with just one. I want to settle into parenthood not be thrown in the waters and feel like I am struggling to stay afloat.

I can't believe we are here either. It came so quickly too. I feel like we just decided to do this again. It all came fast and felt so right. I think its also go quicker because we know what to expect this time. Even better though, we leave Tuesday for a week long vacation to visit Tim's family, an I think it will be great to keep m mind of things, and snuggle the new baby over there.

I am SO sore. It hurts to turn too far to the side and the instant I drink water I have to pee. Holding in anything just hurts so bad. My stomach has also been pretty hard. I feel like I am one day in on a p90x abs workout after not moving for a year. But I can get past it.

I began progesterone on Wednesday, an Estrogen patch on Thursday, Medrol one of those days, and am still taking my doxycyclin. The first progesterone shot was the worst, but still not too bad. The second I didn't feel, and the third was good till it stung 1/2 way through. We have noticed however that I only bleed when the shots are on the right side of my bum. Curious to see how I will do these when DH is gone on deployment. But, I should be done with them by mid October in time to go see family in November.

The one side effect that is so frustrating is (my suspicion) from the Medrol. EVERY-TIME I take it, I end up with terrible heartburn. Yesterday I ate so many tums I had to stop because I was going to exceed the max dose. So I am going to ask the dr what that one is for an how needed it is. Because of the heartburn, I end up with a nauseated feeling as well. Now don't get me wrong, when we get pregnant, I will take the morning sickness and any other symptoms with a badge of honor, but the embryos aren't even inside me yet.

Lastly, I asked the Dr last time about getting a picture of the embryos this time. We didn't get one last time and I was so sad, so I will get to post babies first pictures hopefully this afternoon.

Ok wish us luck and say lots of prayers.


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