We're Pregnant

So while on vacation, I took a pregnancy test with the plan to take it on the 23rd. When I got to where we were going, my Aunt Jillian offered me an extra she had. So I took the one I brought on the 21st. I knew it was early. I was in the bathroom and I knew I could see where the line SHOULD be, but wasn't sure I was seeing a line, so I put it in the package and returned it to my suitcase. About an hour later I checked it, and in real like, I could see it was a VERY faint line. I showed Tim and we were both excited. But a little while later I started wondering if it was my trigger shot that was showing. So back to waiting. Yesterday, I woke up at 6am to pee, and took the extra test. When I was in the bathroom the lighting was bad and I was tired, and I really coudln't see a second line. I was a little sad, but didn't think we weren't either. Again, I put it in the suitcase and checked it later in the sun, and this one was much darker. So I left it on the nightstand for Tim when he woke up. I went to wake him around 9, and he said he had a dream we had triplets. I just laughed because I am pregnant.

So we flew back to CA, and this morning was my first blood draw. My beta came back at 147!!! Thats awesome. Last time my beta was 29. So I go back Friday for another draw. I am so excited. Tim is worried its twins, but I doubt it. I think its just healthy.


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