Post Transfer

Well today went great. I have been up since 2am but I am starting to not be in as much pain. We had to leave at 7 this morning to be at the dr's in time. The "instructions" say to drink water 30 minutes prior to arriving, but I started when we first got in the car.
When we were taken back to Dr. Q's office, we got some awesome news. ALL 15 embryos were still doing good. I don't remember them all, but 10 Grade A 8-cell embryos, 1 9 cell embryo, and the rest were all 7 cell embryos. Thats AMAZING compared to last time and the Dr was so excited. There is a good chance that in the future frozen embryo transfer are all we will need to do to complete our family.
So after the meeting with him we were taken to change. I put a gown on and the nurse brought Tim show covers and we both got hairnets. It was so amusing and we had fun with it. Then they took me in to see if my bladder was full enough. The ultrasound machine made me think back because it showed my gestation at what I was with the last pregnancy. I already had to pee so I figured we were good, but my uterus is pretty tilted, so they needed me to drink even more. It hurt pretty bad having to pee but whatever we can move on. The embryologist came in and verified who I was and how many embryos we were transferring. She even remembered to get me a picture of them.

So the nurse got me more water and then checked and I was good. The Dr came in and got started. The speculum hurt a LOT less then last time and he was able to put the catheter in without much issue. We got to watch on the screen but it was pretty hard to see because apparently my uterus lining was REALLY thick. Thats a good thing though. So the embryologist brought in the little embies, Dr Q put them in, and she went back to check and make sure both made it out good.

So I have two sweet embryos tucked away inside me, and I am SO ready to take that pregnancy test in just 8 short days.
Tim and I keep looking at our little embryos on the computer screen, I love that its my embryos we are looking at this time. DH thinks that one looks more like 9 cells but Dr Q said they were putting in two 8-cell embryos. I told Tim that from what I have seen, when the embryos are ahead (like the 9-cell) sometimes they end up with identical twins. Scary yet amazing.

Also, they froze some embryos today and are letting the rest go to day 5. I'd rather weed out any weaker ones now then when we are trying again, that's just me though.

Emotionally I am doing ok. Bed rest is so hard because Tim and I have to agree what to watch on TV, and I think I expect him to do more for me because of it, but I think he wanted to relax. So I did more today then I planned, but I am not worried about it. He did indeed make me dinner and popcorn which was nice, and watched a 4 hour movie of mine on TV. Bonus: we both took a long nap on the couch when we first got home.
So, that was our transfer. I am so positive that in a week we will get a BFP and in 8 months we will be bringing home a little baby to call our own.


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